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  1. I won't lie to you Peter, I've shed two tears on your videos. One here and one on For Her. You got me dude. GG.

  2. I just paused in the middle of the film to express how exhausted for my eyes this interview shot is. Its composition is just not working. But i'll continue watching anyway because it is a great film.

  3. Honestly before watching this video, I didnt know what I wanted to do with my life and I'm only 17, but now I know. It's not about the money, but the experience of being able to do something I love and I feel good about

  4. Yep I see so much beauty everywhere.. I live 8 miles from one of the 7 wonders of the world.. the okeefenokee swamp refuge.

  5. ok question for anyone whom can answer. at 0:27 there is a large spherical what looks like a trackball, is it ? and if so, what kind?

  6. Thankyou Pete for giving me the inspiration to begin my photographic journey! thanks to you and photography ive been lucky enough to also shoot in some amazing places. What I love most is im always improving my skills, discovering new tips and tricks and striving for that BUCKET SHOT

  7. Loved This!
    When you came to editing the photo, did you find yourself taking longer than you would with others with it being so personal? The experience being maybe something you didn't ever want to end.

  8. This hit home. “What does photography mean to you?” It’s therapy for me. I live with bipolar mania 2 and anorexia. Since I started learning this art in July I have began to notice a significant change in my life. Plus, I’ve been actually been able to see a real person in the mirror for the first time in 30 years.

    Thank you for your videos. You and Sean Tucker have been anchors for me in this medium. You two keep my head in the game and whatever ego I hang onto at bay. This was a beautiful movie through and through.

    Insta handle @rtk55mm

  9. congratz on the 4 Mil buddy! and love to see your content daily, keep it coming! Hope to visit this place one day as well ^^

  10. Like a quienes vinieron a ver de quien se trataba Peter Mckinnon, solo por que @Juanes Velez lo nombro, ahh y no entienden Ingles jajaj, bueno igual me suscribi

  11. This was so inspiring and fun and spot-on-accurate about one of the most meaningful aspects of being in photo/video business. Bravo.

  12. With next week’s video coming, I wanted to come back and watch this…and for me photography means making dreams come alive. We all have these thoughts and ideas of what we want to shoot in our minds that’s just a day/conscious dream and being able to take that from our mind and capture to give others a chance to see how our minds work is amazing. Thank you Peter for the journey, and letting us see inside your mind.

  13. This is my first time seeing this Peter. 41 seconds in and I'm already impressed! I love your production level/style

  14. Peter, this movie made me tear up. As a landscape photographer myself everything you stated is salient truth. I recall waiting in the cold along the Pacific at Pigeon Point Lighthouse late at night in November of 2015 just waiting for the Milky Way to appear over the lighthouse at just the right spot. As I waited I ended up helping a man from Tennessee who drove all the way there for the same reason except he didn't know how to setup his camera for night images or use a timed shutter release! Three hours later we both walked away beaming as we got the shot. Your movie NAILED IT! Bravo!

  15. You got me stick with ya inpiring video
    Dude i really loved it very much
    lucky to have one camera in the future bec
    I realy love photography 😁😁😁😁

  16. You are really talented! The nice thing about all this is that it really means something to you not just another hobby or another shot… i’m sure we’ll meet someday and talk about this comment and how you’ve inspired me. 24OcT2019

  17. Great story Peter! Captivating and so glad you got 'The Bucket Shot" you wanted! Goes to show that things do in fact, come to those who wait!

  18. Your story…connects so much to my vagrant heart. Almost yelling, “get off the couch! Go shoot an awesome photo, video…and tell your own story.”

  19. Its not about the freaking picture… it's all about the experience… It's the chase, the pursuit, isn't? Cheers from the 6ix!

  20. The thing about capturing the moment, is that it is indeed a moment. Easily missed just as easily captured, in that always fleeting, deeply treasured moment

  21. Absolutely awesome! All around. People. The people we meet on the way. Real life; life with meaning. The adventure of living…the potential adventure if we are open to it and awake. This video helps to open eyes and inspire. Thank you for sharing this. How wonderful that you got the image; that the chance you took paid off.

  22. Brother you are a born photographer with an amazing spirit, seriously keep it up I'm your biggest fan and to me you are a legend, much love from your brother hassan haidar from lebanon, @hassanjhaidar on Instagram

  23. There is something really powerful in the way you are talking to the world and that single phrase “to me this photo is my relationship with my wife” just hit me in the face and made me think. I really appreciate the beauty and the value you share through your content. Thank you!

  24. I've watched dozens and dozens of your vids, this by far is just plain bomb. Love it! Love it! I'll be there late May 2020. You are an inspiration to this almost 71 year old kid.

  25. Definitely an amazing video Peter! 💕 it inspired me and for sure to many others! You are definitely right, it is not the photo or whatever other thing it is about the experiences you have. Congrats and thank you for this video man!

  26. Peter, I think I have watched this video 100 times no lie…I love the story behind your love for photography and I relate to that so much…Thank you. One question, which lens did you use for that shot? 16-35mm, in the video looks like the 100mm?

  27. Great Movie Peter! I absolutely love all of the raw emotion and the longing for this one perfect shot. I am a beginner photographer myself and I would love to meet you and maybe even do a collab with you. I love your work!

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