The Expedition Leader

The Expedition Leader

A problem occurred I’m gonna unplug all the electricity cables. Hopefully, the train will restart. This is beautiful. Rolf, do you want coffee? Reindeer for dinner. Salad and some dressing. I’m feeling good. I’m looking forward to leaving civilization. And spend some quality time with my friends. Are you used to flying a helicopter? No, it’s my first time. Is it? We survived. it makes me so happy! It feels good. it’s a quite ugly place. I’m gonna try to improve the place. Build a miniature golf course. Do some business. All I know is good fishing spots. But I’m not very good at keeping track of things. A nice thing about Håvard, he is happy! That’s true. Something’s stuck in my reel. It’s gonna be a good day! I don’t think we should spend too much time doing that right now. No, let’s walk by the river instead. Straight out there, 50 meters, in the middle. On this side of the ripples? I want to catch an insanely amount of fish. An insanely amount. Markus is a connoisseur. He needs something special. Just a good day won’t do for him. I guess we can take a cast here. I just took a chance. This river is alright. I see it. He’s coming towards Markus. It’s ready for the net. That was a good first try. What a fish. yeah, beautiful, right? There is was. I don’t think it’s the biggest fish in the river. But it’s a trout. And it’s rising. then you’re happy! It’s sad that can be the worst version of yourself when you are with the person you love the most. To be grateful. That’s the best. It makes you feel so good. Now you see the fly! But it was a while since we saw the fish. The first cast was good, wasn’t it? I really like this time of the day. Now you really believe It’s gonna happen tonight! It feels like that. My fire-breeder from Japan! I got it from my good friend Hajime Sangwa! Look at that one. alright, that’s your opinion. Make a cast Markus! It’s your fish. No! Yes. Smegmund. I think it’s better if Kristian takes this one. I would prefer the fish down there. Aha. The evening breeze is not good. There it was again. It was just nagging on the fly. We try to make the wind stop blowing. it’s difficult. We are a bit low on wind controlling resources. We do what we can. Rolf, look here! soon! What did you say? wait! “Australien” (Australia) So I get the letter N again. A lot of N now Way too many N. Maybe there’s some country in Africa. Namibia! So I get the letter A again. A blue shirt! He’s walking. A quite large backpack. And a big smile! He is happy, Håvard! Just need to doublecheck! Yes, he is happy! I really like this cup! Look, he is in the zone now! The happy jazz guitarist! I would do anything for Håvard!

37 thoughts on “The Expedition Leader

  1. I really enjoy the (kind of sarcastic) story telling in the latest vids! Like the recent one about "the biggest trout in Sweden" 😂

  2. Well that was something else… maybe your most intimate/intricate video ? Your narrative ideas are incredible… Hopefully we have you during winter.

  3. I think it’s beautiful how something as amazing as trout are you can find that darkness in it and I really like that.

  4. I couldnt comment on your vimeo for some reason but i rented your film and it was a masterpiece! what camera are you shooting with

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