The future of Nissan Connected Services

The future of Nissan Connected Services

Nissan has a very, very long
history in connected services We started more than 20 years ago Since then, we have offered
multiple generations of this and it became part of the DNA of the car We have a special focus on the user,
and we look at what the user wants to do For example, in the electric mobility domain how do you plan your route based
on your power consumption in the car That’s a big part of what we are
focusing on in Nissan Connected Services One of the big trends in the automotive industry
for connected services is artificial intelligence There is a lot of information
we can display to the user but where do you display it?
How do you display it? And when do you display it? This is all going to be decided
based on artificial intelligence and then the car will learn from you and the car will understand your
habits and it will adapt to that Other trends that are, there is augmented reality and we showed that already at CES last year
with the concept we showed for Invisible-to-Visible and this is how we use augmented reality
to provide the customer, the driver with an easy way to navigate as
they are driving on their daily commute So that’s a very important trend
also that we see coming very quickly The last trend I want to talk about is the fusion
of the experience outside the car and inside the car You are doing so many things at your home,
at your work, while you are walking and then, as you get in the car that experience would like to have a continuity
as you get in the car and use this inside the car so you can continue your digital
life experience as you get inside the car These are some of the trends that control
the connected experience today in the automotive industry

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  1. you certainly have great experience in connected services but since the launch of the first Leaf in 2010 Nissan Connected app (Carwings) is still as slow and often unavailable 🙁

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