31 thoughts on “The Ladies Compete In a Fashion Show – The Bachelor

  1. Unpopular opinion: I really like Victoria
    I think she's humble and doesn't even know how gorgeous she is!
    Anyways, what's with the rumors, though? The rumors doesn't seem like her. She seems like the type of girl who gets really nervous when talking to her crush lol 🤣🤣

  2. Victoria F is GORGEOUS!!! Like she is absolutely stunning!!!!!!!! And can we talk about the fact that she was the most nervous and insecure even though she is clearly the most attractive girl there😂 Enough with the hate give the girl a break!!!!!

  3. im sorry to say that Peter is not attractive at all. i don't know. but im happy for all the girls, they get excited seeing him.

  4. Hannah ann wins
    Peter picks her
    He’s attracted to her sureness about herself and wanting peter. Hannah gives peter security. Hannah doesn’t make peter chase her, shes upfront and make it clear she wants him. Thats what peter needs someone who will meet him halfway

  5. I love how all the white people are defending Victoria like she hasn’t already modeled wearing shit that supports “white lives matter” and diminishes the impact of the black lives matter movement…..truly comedy

  6. Hannah Ann looks like the girl who is used to getting whatever she wants, not in a good way.
    Victoria looks like she is the girl who just discovered her beauty and doesn't know her worth yet. I like her. Curious to see how she becomes the villian.

  7. What is concerning is that Hannah Ann already works for Revolve! It would have been cool to see the underdog win instead.

  8. The first supermodel was Jean Shrimpton in England. She was exquisite. All the top models in the 60's and 70's were mostly from England for a good while and they all aged naturally. Dickenson is NOT the first.

  9. Kelsey put the bottle down honey and let it go. I do believe Hannah Anne was lying/playing gullible/acting stupid about stealing her bottle. But Kelsey stop crying everyday if you want your shot with Peter. So far Hannah Anne is his obvious pick!

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