The Time I Was Discovered in a Mall | Fashion Stories | Karlie Kloss

The Time I Was Discovered in a Mall | Fashion Stories | Karlie Kloss

Welcome to my new home. I’m on, I’m on set for Project Runway. Okay so on today’s episode of Project Runway what we’re doing is we’re
talking about first impressions and this is literally the first episode, the first
time I’ve been on the show, the first time it’s been back on Bravo so this is
a really big deal for firsts. The designers challenge is to take, they’re
assigned a judge, and they have to take our fashion first moment and be inspired
by it and we’ve told them our stories and they’re taking our fashion first and
this is mine and they’re are creating a garment. I never imagined that I would
work in this industry I never imagined that I would live in New York. I thought
my life was gonna go a very different path and this 13 year old like literally
13 year old, baby, had no idea what was ahead in her life. This was a charity
runway show in st. Louis and it was called Threads For Hope so everybody
donated the clothes, everybody bought tickets, it was a really really cool
community event and it happened to be a runway show. I was walking in the mall a
couple weeks before this and they were scouting for models to walk in the
runway show. This was not even like on my radar. My mind was like focused on sports, and school and ballet and this whole other world opened up for me that day at
the mall and I was stopped and they asked me have you ever thought about
modeling would you be interested and I was like oh I’ve never thought about it,
sounds kind of cool they said we’re doing this try out go get a head shot
and come back in a couple hours we’re gonna have like a casting, tryout and so
I called my mom, so she met me we went and got a head shot at that cheesy tacky
photo studio and then I went back like an hour later and they were doing the
casting and I’m like waiting to go up on this platform and walk and I’m thinking
like I have no idea what I’m doing So I got up there, gave it my best strut,
and for whatever reason Jeff and Mary saw something in me and they said you
should be in our in our show. I remember distinctly everything about this day.
It was the first time I’d ever had my hair and makeup done, like the first time I
had ever really worn high heels. I bought these high heels at Target like
the day before the show. I can’t tell if they’re leggings, I think they’re sparkly
silver leggings underneath like a knitted wool cashmere dress with this
like kind of funny detail of red thread and a hood. It’s very dramatic. I can hear
the music, it was Kanye West Gold Digger playing. I think it was even closing this
whole section and I just remember like being so nervous before walking out
there. I just something kind of naturally happened it was almost like my Sasha
Fierce came out and for the first time I like took on this other persona and the
shy 13 year old girl that I was at the time was like I kind of became another
character. I had never really felt beautiful, um, or super confident in my
own skin and for me this moment was super powerful because it was the first
time that I had experienced all eyes on me and feeling like the most beautiful
version of myself because of the fashion that I was wearing and even though this
whole outfit is, like I don’t even have words for it, I felt so cool it was
almost like a superhero cape and that’s the power that fashion can have and
that’s the advice that I gave all the designers today in Project Runway. What
keeps me so excited about being a part of the industry is the fact that fashion
can make anyone feel like the best versions of themselves, feel extra
confident in their own skin and and that was the first time I
experienced that was here on this runway.It’s really surreal to me that 13
years later I went from this to this. I’m still that same awkward nerdy girl, but
I’m just probably a couple inches taller, 13 years older,
definitely wiser. I dont know, I think a lot of the feelings that I felt then I still feel. I
still feel like super insecure some days and like uncomfortable in my own skin.
That was the reason that I really wanted to share this photo with the designers
because I felt like for me this was less even about what I was wearing, but the
feeling that I experienced for the first time. So that’s my fashion first.
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  1. I’ve been following your career closely since like summer 2010?? I was twelve and I wanted a cool hobby because I was kinda bullied in school and wanted something ~unique~ to identify with. And, lbr, being interested in fashion is rather unique when you’ve spent your entire life in a smallish city in Siberia. That’s when during summer holidays I binged a couple of seasons of PR and ANTM to practice my English skills. Lo and behold I WAS HOOKED. I started researching like a crazy person, and it just so happened that you were already all the rage in the fashion industry. I spent hours looking through your already impressive portfolio, countless runway appearances and rare interviews. I think a had a baby crush on you, but also your works were at times so complex and so… beyond what everyone expected from a fashion model. So… yeah. I was hooked. A summer hobby turned into a what seems like a lifetime hobby – I’m applying to a masters program in fashion management next year. And your work in fashion has been a great inspiration to me for so many years and I guess in some ways it contributed to my coolest, most favorite hobby to date – so, thank you.

  2. Karlie this is one of my favorites videos so far, is so real and the way you express yourself is magical (it made me cry) I’m so proud of you, you are a wonderful person and you don’t know how happy and inspired I feel listening to your story and watching you grow every day. Also you are the best host EVER!!!! You were born to do this!!!!

  3. This girl deserves the best of everything. Such a kind and modest beautiful woman and incredibly talented. Definitely the supermodel of our generation!

  4. A baby giraffe from St.Louis is now matured and looking soooooo beautiful 🦒❤️❤️❤️ Love u kk🥺❤️

  5. Dearest Karlie, Thank you very much for your sharing with us your first time experience. I could feel how you came out of your comfort zone and achieved so much since then! I hope you (and everyone including me ) will continue to explore this wonderful world with a little bit more of courage, strength & compassion and make this world better :)))

  6. I love how she has not fallen into all the big lip thing and has continued to rock her natural beauty since the beginning

  7. I need these earings !!! Where did u buy these? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Thanks for sharing that great moment in your life, so interesting! So, you don’t have words to describe your runway outfit… Does that mean you really liked it? Or not?

  9. The fact Karlie is a trump supporter, best friends with Ivanka & married into the criminal Kushner family says it all, beyond shameful!

  10. look Karli i cant listen to you or support your foundation that is supposed to support women until you address the fact that you are married to the white house

  11. I love the way you describe it Karlie. That fashion can make you feel like the most beautiful version of yourself. I am so happy that you went to that casting and did the show, look at you now! I myself and completely in love with the industry and how it makes me feel, and I'm working very hard to establish a career for myself, at the moment working on moving to NYC! hope to see you there! Your videos inspire me so much, keep them coming 🙂

  12. I was 12, my mum said I was not allowed to start working as a model until I was 18.By18 I had Lyme Disease and "lost" 6 years in coma. Now despite being over 22 I want to get into modeling."Everything's is possible for her who believes"-God

  13. Alongside being such a talented and passionate model, Karlie is also such a well spoken and educated, strong woman. I really look up to her. Her never ending kindness as well as insight never fail to impress me. You’re so great, Karlie! I send you so much love ❤️

  14. Will you please share your experience about being in such a high class glamorous world and yet remaining to be grounded with humility?!

  15. just saw the forst episode. my god, what a great surprise !! the show has been elevated, and you are such an inspiration….

  16. Do you think today anyone can be a model? Are the requirements still super strict? (height, weight?)

  17. People when they see Karlie: "Would you like to be a model?"
    People when they see me: "IS THAT A WALKING POTATO?"

  18. Actually people shouldn't feel confident because of their clothes and such, it's a big lie!! People should work on their self confidence and feel beautiful and confident on the inside. That's how it's supposed to be, not the other way around. I'm 27 and really worried about teenagers and their role models these days.

  19. we're the same age and i remember so well seeing you on the cover of teen vogue with Chanel Iman and another beautiful young lady back in like literally 2007 i think! teen vogue said you three were the next huge up-and-coming models – they were NOT WRONG! love you so much karlie. you've become not only an incredible super model, but also an amazing role model young women can look up to. absolute breathe of fresh air

  20. K my New favourite YouTuber. 😍 Can't wait to see you hit 1 million. Literal Queen. Love you 😘😘😘

  21. je te voullais comme femme et je peut vrament changer l'histoire pour juste t'avoir comme amis.

  22. fait un bebe je suis beaucoup plus que microsoft et ce qui fait que deja je decide de l'Histoire.

  23. i was approached by jeff & mary when i was like 12 too. the fashion world escaped me quickly, but when you described how you felt on the runway, i kinda regret not taking my opportunity! you’re such an inspiration, thank you for being you!!!!!

  24. Karlie Why do u feel uncomfortable in ur skin?????ur such a good and offcourse beautiful I have to tell that !!!!!world needs more ppl like u

  25. How can she not imagine living in New York if I was Karlie I would have imagined being living in all metropolitan cities.

  26. Wow and she is drop dead beautiful. Why do beautiful women think they are not attractive. And ugly girls think they are knockouts

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