This Is What 7 Pairs of Fashion Nova Jeans Look Like In Real Life | Online, IRL | ELLE

This Is What 7 Pairs of Fashion Nova Jeans Look Like In Real Life | Online, IRL | ELLE

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, we’re back
with another episode of Online, IRL, and today, we’re gonna be trying Fashion Nova denim. It’s Fall, the temperatures
are about to drop, so you’ve got to get
your denim closet tight. Last time we did this, I
had Denise Bidot come on and try on some denim,
but today, it’s all me. So get excited. So today I’m choosing a
couple of pairs of jeans that we’ve seen celebrities try on because I like to do a little bit of a comparison. This pair… Has been worn by the Amber Rose who admittedly has a bit of a curvier body than I do, but as you know, Fashion Nova jeans are supposed to work on curvy bodies. At this point, you guys
know how much I hate when jeans don’t have pockets, and surprise, surprise… These do not have a front pair of pockets; they’re fake. Can someone please explain why these don’t have pockets? What I will say about these jeans is that they are more jegging than jeans, which, if you like to
stretch, you like to kick a little bit, if you’re
gonna do some squats, these are perfect. I also love where they
hit on my belly button. They’re just high enough that I feel like I still have a bit of a torso, but they are high enough
so I feel sucked in. I could eat a meal but still feel like I could breathe afterwards, which, all in all, is a win, right? Who wore it better? Me? Or Amber Rose? Just kidding, don’t answer that. Don’t come for me, don’t drag me, I love Amber Rose, she’s amazing. On the website, these are called Making Moves Jeans, which, I assume is an ode to Cardi B, so, hopefully when I wear them, I turn into a boss bitch and I make all the money because I have these on my body. Yeah, front pockets
for all my money moves. Can’t wait. What I also find really interesting about these jeans is
that they are size seven. Three, five, seven, nine;
that’s junior sizing. I am not a junior, I’m a grown ass woman. Just looking at them, it
seems like I should’ve sized down. So gotten a five instead of a seven, but we’ll see. So, I was right, I should’ve
sized down in these. Look at this band, I can
literally fold it over. But, you know what, I
think that that has to do with the amount of stretch that’s in them. Now, do I feel any closer to making moves? Sure. I feel like Cardi B is in my body, and I’m ready to make
money moves with her. But first, I have to size down. I’m not the biggest fan
of distressed denim, but when I saw these on the website, Nicki Minaj was wearing them, so I said, “What the hell, let me give them a shot.” As it turns out, they are
super duper distressed. Like, that’s my whole arm
going through one hole. What’s up ya’ll? Hey. I don’t know, we’ll see
what they look like. I feel like my whole thigh is going to peak through, and that may be the look; we’ll have to give it a shot. Guys. You cannot tell me that this… Is flattering. It’s not, I don’t care what you say. Ya’ll are so nice and lovely to me, and I love you for it, but like, be honest with me, what
do we think about this? Why is this– This part right here, why is that a trend? Explain it to me in the comments. Now for the good thing about these jeans, once again they hit exactly where I love a pair of jeans to hit. Right at the belly button, which means that you feel sucked in, cinched at the waist, and like you can conquer the world in your stretchy jeans. Fashion Nova called these the Marathon Booty Lifting jeans, which… I don’t actually really
know what that means, I imagine it means it’s gonna lift my butt for a very long time, make it look like I just ran a marathon, or last for 26 miles. It could mean anything, really. All I wanna know, is if my butt is gonna look high and tight and like a little peach booty. Does my booty look lifted? Just kidding guys. I don’t know, I mean, you tell me; do you think they look a little higher? Do I have a peach booty? Does the name live up to the hype? Weigh in in the comments. There’s really not much
else to say about these. I think they’re super stretchy, which is great, but we
know that that is what Fashion Nova does. It’s more just about
the butt, and giving you that sort of peach
shape, and it seems like it’s accomplished it, but, I mean, tbh? I already have a bit of a butt, and it’s a little high already– I’m doin’ my squats, thank you very much. So, I don’t know if I
am going from A to B, B to C… I don’t know, you guys weigh in. So, I’ve played myself that last few times I’ve tried to get some Bermuda shorts, I’m gonna be very honest with you guys, but, this time I read the make up, and these are 75% cotton, and 2% Spandex, which means they should stretch, and fit over my thighs. Over the course of this series, I think I’ve tried biker shorts… Four times, maybe, and it doesn’t exactly pan out each time, so I’m excited to see if these will work. Surprise, surprise, I don’t hate the way that these fit. The thing that I don’t love, though, is that they are
distressed, so it would seem that next time I got
shopping on Fashion Nova, I should look for a pair just like these, but without the distressing. I love where they hit right about my knee, and I like that this denim
feels a little thick, and once again, hits right
at the belly button, so all in all, they fit really well, it’s just that the distressing is not for me personally. For all you babes on a budget out there, I’ve also chosen a pair of jeans for under 20 dollars. Listen, I understand
that everyone’s pockets are not made the same. You guys know that I’m not big into distressed denim, so searching for a clean pair jeans took forever. For- ev- er. I don’t get it, Fashion Nova has thousands and thousands of jean
that are ripped and torn, but why not just a nice pair like this? But that’s why I’m here. I did the search for you guys. Now, you may be wondering, “Why doesn’t Nikki have
her pants buttoned?” Guys, it’s because they don’t fit. And, what I will say, is that I bought a size seven, which on
the site says they’re 28, but after inspecting the label, it only has 1% stretch,
which may be the issue. Also, sometimes you just
get what you pay for, honestly, these are, you
know, under 20 dollars, which means the quality
may not be that high. So, I think often times,
you guys should order a couple sizes, to see how they fit, or just invest a little more in a great pair of
jeans that will last you a long time. I decided to choose a pair of flare jeans because they’ll never
actually go out of style. You may wanna like, toss them in the back of your closet for a little bit, but I promise you, you
will always find yourself reaching for another pair. This pair is more of a bell-bottom than an actual flare, which I wasn’t expecting. But, you know, with a heel or a platform, they may look great. These remind me of the kind of jeans that I used to DIY in middle school, so, it’s like you took one
panel and then inserted it into another pair of jeans, and made like a Frankenstein flare. If you’re into this sort of two tone, than maybe these are the flares for you. The flare also feels a little too wide to be modern. If I were designing these, I would have made the
flare slightly smaller so it looks more late
2000’s than early 2000’s. All in all, not the jeans for me. Well, that’s it from me, guys. Let me know what you
thought of all of these Fashion Nova jeans in the comments, and I’ll see you next week.

100 thoughts on “This Is What 7 Pairs of Fashion Nova Jeans Look Like In Real Life | Online, IRL | ELLE

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  4. As always, you rock everything so well. I know you didn't like the the last jeans but omg, they looked great on you especially for the fact that you were in heels. By the way here in Jamaica we call those jeans, "Bella's" or ",Bell foot pants" 🙂 Overall though Nikks, you rocked everything so well.

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  7. Personally they look like they give you a butt and curves, but they loook nothing like on the website. They look like jeans you can get at tjmaxx. And at tjmaxx you get them cheaper. The only ones that looks like the picture is the black capris. And I forgot to say even though they don’t look like amazing jeans. They look good on her

  8. Most of them were great and I’m actually glad that in this video you’re not just biasly hating like other YouTube girls

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