This Is What Fashion Nova Curve Jeans Look Like In Real Life | Online IRL | ELLE

This Is What Fashion Nova Curve Jeans Look Like In Real Life | Online IRL | ELLE

I read the comments and you guys wanted
to see a whole bunch of different clothing on various body types. So guess what? I got you a new body type! Denise.. Hi! It’s my pal Denise! She’s a mom, she’s an
activist, and she just so happens to be a plus-size model. Today, we’re gonna try on
a bunch of different jeans from Fashion Nova So get excited! Every girl needs a
great pair of white jeans in her closet I mean we’re coming up on summer, we’re
in the spring, so this is gonna be a go-to The first thing I see about these
jeans is that they don’t have front pockets. You know how that makes me feel.
It drives me crazy! But it’s fine. These could be great.
Can we talk about these back pockets for a second? Right, you know sometimes
smaller pockets on a big butt tend to look funny and sometimes they’re magical.
The height of them for high-waisted is so spot-on. I feel like I’m always
struggling with the height. It will say high-waisted but it sits right at
the belly button, and when I move up, it’s like “That’s not the spot I want to
show.” But these have the perfect height the fabric is thick enough to not show
everything underneath the jeans which is nice, but we have the like baby pocket
scenario that is not necessarily my favorite. I just always feel like it
makes the butt look so much bigger and like, yeah like, a real bubble butt, which
I already have. I don’t need jeans to accent that anymore. But they do fit
pretty well. The fit on them is like, I mean I can’t complain at all. It fits
perfect. I love distressed denim. I usually tend
to lean towards like a solid denim when I go distressed. It’s been a very long
time since I tried a distressed stretchy jean though so I’m excited to see what
happens here. These look SO good!
How do you feel?
I feel fantastic.
They look great! They are really cute! We have pockets, front and
back pockets happening. I would normally choose something that has more
distressing at the bottom part of the leg not necessarily super high on the
thigh, just because I’m pre-programmed to think that the moment
I sit down they’re just gonna keep expanding, but with these I feel like
they did it right. I feel like the other ones you kind of see this sliver of
skin, but the top one, they were very conservative with, so I don’t feel like
it’s too risque. I’m a mom, you know, I want to keep it cool, and I think these
are the perfect blend of cool and funky. I would say that with these, they feel
like they run a little bit bigger, So I would probably size down.
This five button fly is super classic and it looked at a lot of people are trying
right now. The crop on this jean, it hits probably like, right at the ankle so it’s
the kind of jean that you’re gonna want to wear with mules or heels or sneakers
all through summer.
I think when you’re curvier and you have kind of a
midsection that doesn’t like go inward five buttons doesn’t always look super
flattering so I’m excited to see how these look because I’ve been looking for
this jean for a while. I love this jean! They don’t look like
they’re pulling, which is remarkable Because they’re NOT pulling.
Not at all.
They fit perfect. I was laughing because they have a normal size pocket
in the back, so it’s super flattering. Look at that!
It’s everything I like.
And you have a nice little peach booty And it lifts! Which is all you need, just like
a lift. We all need a lift.
We all need it, and these
definitely are providing everything. I’m into it.
I was very reserved and
totally in denial that I’d ever find a button-front denim that fits and isn’t tugging.
And these have surpassed my expectations They’re fantastic and they have a bit of
stretch, but they’re still like nice and tight, and the crop is sexy. I love them.
They look great on you! If you watched our first video you will
recognize these jeans. These are the ones that I tried on because Kylie Jenner had
worn them in her Instagram posts. So I said to myself, “Why not have Denise try
them on?” They’re a very cool, stretchy jean. I feel like, is this real? No it’s
fake pockets again! It’s a fake front pocket! I don’t understand why go through all that
effort or not put it in there but the back pockets look pretty nice. I like the
stitching and the back pockets are normal. So that’s a plus.
They couldn’t be more perfect. They’re perfection. The waistband is not
too tight, where it’s pulling things up or down, which I think happens a lot with
high-waisted jeans. It’s like all of a sudden like “oh, they fit so good up here!”
and then you’re like “oh, what’s this down here?” I’m really happy that these kind of
seems to just be laying perfectly on my body I would say with these maybe size
up. Because I would normally, in a stretchy jean like this, thoughtfully
purchase a size 12, and these are 15. I love a good pocket. I feel like, you
know, just aesthetically when I’m standing it just feels real cool to have
that, you know, thumb in, hand in. It gives me something to do when I’m standing
around. They do have the little pockets though. God, my butt looks really big. These are perfect!
I like the fading on them. I like the subtlety of the rips. Pockets are good. I
mean, they even went as far as to put a coin pocket in there! But I think the hem is cute.
I think this is an everyday jeans. Something you can wear with like a cute t-shirt and sneakers and also like bump up with the heel on a blazer and still
be chic and not overdoing anything. They look phenomenal!
Oh my god, yeah!
Don’t you think!?
They feel phenomenal too! So if they look that, that makes me so happy!
So what do you love about them? Honestly, the fit. They fit sturdy.
I feel really secure and then like I can run around town and accomplish
everything in the world. I like the length of them. We have no bunching
ankles, which is always really flattering. These are definitely real woman pockets, and I like it.
And so that’s something to consider and like know when you’re
shopping for jeans is that pocket placement especially on the butt is key. You want to look for something that’s like slightly bigger and tilted in to
give you that perfect peach booty. I think Fashion Nova may be killing the
denim game. They’re doing a good job! I couldn’t agree more!
I feel like for so many years curvy girls only got stretchy options for
denim we were so limited and put in such a tiny little box of like what we were
even able to purchase but now that we have ability to purchase all different
styles I get really excited when I see stuff like this. This is a solid, solid
denim. It’s got a cool little flare, it’s been so frustrating for me shopping for
jeans because I feel like I’m just now living my best fashion moment, because I
can shop the things that I was never allowed to. They were never even made for bigger bodies. I cannot wait to see what they like on.
Let’s see what happens. Truth be told, if I were to purchase
these, it’s good to know that I would size up, but again that’s the case
usually with the solid denim. But I do think that these are kind of something
I’ve never had, so I think it’s cool and I think why not? Every girl needs a trendier
piece in their wardrobe. Completely agree.
I think these pearls
are so adorable. The jeans look great on you. I love the zipper in the front!
So fun, right?
It’s cute!
I hope it doesn’t come down, but I think they’re really cute and I like the
I think the waist on these, you know, for someone with a smaller waist
might be problematic, but again if you have a good tailor, and you love a pair
of jeans, just tailor them. Don’t get rid of them nothing supposed to fit perfect.
Every woman, every girl I think, deserves a trendier piece in their wardrobe.
And I think this fits perfect it’s ideal. Denise, thank you so much for
coming by to hang out today.
Thank you for having me.
So amazing.
Leave a comment below. Let us know what other brands you want us to try, who else
should come by, and we’ll see you guys next week!

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