Travel Tuesday with guests, Shawn & Marianne (PANICd Paranormal History) – Healthy Lifestyle Show

Travel Tuesday with guests, Shawn & Marianne (PANICd Paranormal History) – Healthy Lifestyle Show

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said I have a very exciting show for you today let me tell you a little bit about
our guests although full-time work in those
full-time jobs Sean and Maryanne Donnelly worked for a public school
district in Northeast Ohio they have been researching the
paranormal since 2010 not only do they investigate but they dive deep into the
history of locations and review what others have found or claimed about the
locations as well they have visited investigated and researched over 300
locations across the u.s. and territories and each week they feature
one of those locations on their YouTube channel they have also become begun
publishing their own book series called our haunted travels it is available on
Amazon welcome Sean Sean and Mariana it’s good to have you here tonight thank
you it’s good to be here you forgot something there’s three of us
Oh Boris welcome happy to have you here that’s okay he doesn’t need much
attention he’s dormant during the day turn off the lights it’s not bad then
we’re good well it’s I’ve had you on the show before to talk about various
healthy stuff and planning and making sure you have time management but it’s
great to have you back to talk about your travel that’s that’s really cool so
um your project on the paranormal database
really got you into starting to plan travel to your paranormal places did
this project um change the way you look at America in any way shape form or
fashion um I don’t think it changed how I look at America but it does change how
I look at places that I’m going yeah looking at buildings oh wow look at that
Billy I bet there’s something going on in there look at this place even this
past weekend we went we went away and we were driving down the street and I said
all that buildings from the 1800’s building so do you take time and just
sit there and go okay well that one’s probably haunted should we look up stuff
on that one sometimes we do yeah yeah sometimes it will write down addresses
and then go back and see you know if we could find anything a lot of times –
we’ll go to a historical place that’s really cool and we’ll have to sit on
that location for a while until something comes up and it and something
normally does I’ll give you an example the train station in Gettysburg that
Abraham Lincoln went to very cool building a lot of it’s a museum now a
lot of historical things in there oh we were there a couple different times and
I’m like I wish I could find something about this train station so I could put
it in the database and it wasn’t till just recently we had a booth at a
paranormal conference and some lady came up and said oh yeah picture of it on my
phone yeah so that happens a lot to us – yeah that’s cool so I was looking at the
database and um well you know you mention Gettysburg I was like a lot all right
fine I’m gonna look up Gettysburg so I just typed it in and yeah
but it’s really neat a really neat thing you’ve got going on here Sean and
Marianne – Sean works on the mostest he moves on it all the time
Marianne used to she contributes the photos and research and then links and
things like that that’s really awesome so Gettysburg yeah these are really neat
and so you’ve got personally visited things and um then the under research
and review so what exactly does that mean when you’re talking about the
database well when there’s a location that’s in there and it says that under
research and review that basically means I haven’t finished off those records yet
so I have to go out find the history find you know it’s in the database
because we know of at least one paranormal claim gotcha
and normally I have that you know like bookmark somewhere in there but I have
to sit and go and find a history and find all that other stuff so that I can
make those records active that’s why I says under research and review I put
them in there because I was starting to forget about seriously that we visited
there’s over 900 and some records in the database that’s a ton I forget them –
yeah um so is it harder to come up with the evidence like I’ll see here like
there’s seven claims at the farms worth house and but evidence I guess it’s
harder to come up with yes in general yeah I would say I’m if there’s claims
but you know if I did some digging I could probably find while farnsworth
house is different we’ve we’ve investigated there so we have evidence
there but some of the locations that we didn’t catch anything I better if I’d
dug around like on YouTube and stuff I’ll find other groups have been there
or even go to paranormal groups web pages and they post their paranormal
investigation reports and things like that and it’s just I’m working on it
it’s more like a hobby you know and sometimes people will send
us evidence and then we can link it in there or new locations like you have you
sent us what three or three or four of them I ended up traveling so and then
going hey this is an old building I bet there’s a paranormal flame here and I’ll
send it to Shawn I’ll go hey what do you know about this and cocoa yep send me a
picture that’s fun and it is fun to have my pictures on your database I think
that that’s really neat so um I guess question number two and thank you for
answering all of those little bitty questions about your project
um I bet you’ve met some interesting folks along the way I mean paranormal
investigation has to be full of interesting people
um which people that you’ve met will you always remember and why you can each go
well for me my my big thing was meeting chef Mudgett who was the
great-great-grandson of HH Holmes and he’s had his own show on the History
Channel and things like that so I have his book he he’s written his book I have
three copies of it you know just getting to meet him and interview him at a
haunted location that was amazing and I mean I became a groupie pretty much I
can’t think of one individual I thought I have one I thought that you were gonna
pick but god I’m waiting to hear what you come up with who
the man behind the picket fence oh yes I thought that would be okay so this kind
of like goes along with what I was gonna answer okay having having the data base
and now the YouTube channel and actually putting together a series it’s kind of
made me more open to talk to people and I guess getting older probably too
because you know I’m a computer geek I’m happy sitting behind the computer I
don’t like talking to people but I put this shirt on and we go to a location
I’m more open to talk to people and and and hearing people’s stories and seeing
them get excited about telling us their story that that’s exciting to me and
what Maryann mentioned was the gentleman behind the picket fence that was there
during the the JFK assassination I just started talking to him and he was down
in Dealey Plaza and had pamphlets and stuff and that he started going on I
said hey and this was way before we’ve thought about YouTube so you mind if I
record this thing cuz yeah go ahead and as he started talking more people were
coming up and he was just telling this story and everything and now we have
that as a video it’s very cool yeah very neat awesome cool so um you also
well you mentioned our haunted travels and that’s kind of why I got the idea to
have you on here I mean I started basically in the travel industry about
six months ago and I was like well Shawn Marion you guys are travel you you guys
should get into the travel industry and like oh okay and you were like well we
kind of are so look at our front page of our youtube channel it says our haunted
travels I’m like yeah so anyway um speaking of your YouTube channel my
favorite thing to do because well I’m a youtuber um is go back and look at your
very first videos any of them I’m just gonna show the front page of your of
your channel huh he’s like oh my god don’t do it so what I did was I went and
I sorted this all over here sort by and I went sort by oldest or date added
oldest and you come up with all of these really interesting things that lots of
people haven’t ever watched and there’s your interview behind the picket fence
yeah that’s the one you were just mentioning um but I had a question that
went along with this okay so paranormal location will you remember
for the most paranormal experiences that you hadn’t there geez I know you we
don’t we don’t talk about that very often you know nowadays we talk about
the history of the places that end this side the other one you have your live
shows and the sign the other but we don’t talk about the paranormal
experiences that you guys have had so or it’s been a long time anyway so I guess
that’s my question what location will you remember the most
for paranormal experiences you’ve had there probably Hillview because we’ve
been there so many times I man we’ve been there so many times I can’t I don’t
even I couldn’t even tell you how many times we’ve been there and almost every
time we’ve been there at some point something has happened you know it’s not
like all night we were there the whole time we were there but there was always
something that was like that really just happened and that was really kind of
like it wasn’t our it was a first paranormal experience that we realized
it was an experience and then we went back and it’s like wow we had these
other things too but the I think the flashlight video is there and yeah yeah
I I love Mary Virginia’s room you know tell you that one there it’s pretty
active in that room and the flashlight tends to do things you know when you ask
it to so so what most people don’t realize about our channel because we
started it in 2010 so leading up to where you see Mary Ann with the picture
at the Lincoln yeah those ones previous to that so I think the first one dates
back to 2008 years ago yeah yeah so those were videos that I just put out
there and used YouTube as the video server for the database videos that I
made they were just like linked in the database right right so now that one
where you see is sitting there next to the tomb oh yeah
that one that is our first are haunted travels that we recorded in st. Louis
yes we did we were at the Union Station hotel and it’s like it was like an hour
or something long and I’m like okay this this isn’t gonna work yeah plus he told
me he’s like oh don’t worry about it you can read off the paper because you know
I’m just gonna like cover that up with stuff so nobody you’ll ever see that so
I’m literally reading the stuff off the paper and I was so unhappy with him when
I watched are like you lied to me I look like I’m just reading stuff I knew that
I could have looked at the camera I was because you said I didn’t have to
remember anything I didn’t know what I was doing our first intro video was like
15 minutes long okay nobody’s gonna watch this we keep
an eye I understand completely but yeah there are so many of these videos and
I’m sure like Lauri on my sister Laurie Bryant um has probably gone back and
watched all of them because she just does that but I know I haven’t gotten to
watch all of these videos um and the I told Mary Ann when we started talking
about this this interview that I was gonna ask her who she was the most
fangirl of of like historic people um and she she did say Jeff budget before
but then of your paranormal people that you have that you’ve researched and
investigated who is your fan girl oh I shouldn’t brought it up pop well the
person that I like researching the most and I’ve gotten to really get really
close to ya would be Lizzie Borden of course Lizzie is my this is my girl so
why is she the most interesting to you like I met you during the Lizzie Borden
that’s what you did that’s why because that’s when we got to meet you no I teach a forensic science class at
in school and I put the camera on her because she’s got the rest of us she’ll
be talking about Lizzie I teach the Lizzie Borden case as part of my
forensics course so that’s it’s always been something exciting to me I’ve
gotten to go to her house that she lived in at the time of the murders I laid in
the house in the inn you know her room yeah I’ve been everywhere there I went
to her graveyard all that stuff plus when I was a little girl my mom and dad
used to make these dummies and stuff the stuff them with our stuff our clothes
and put them outside at Halloween and decorate the yard and the one that was
right by our front door was Lizzie Borden and so my mom had this dress form
and she put this dress on her and she made this hatchet out of a broom handle
and this piece of wood and she painted it and then she took my play-doh and she
took the red play-doh and she put a string on it and she put a little piece
as a red play-doh to make it look like blood draw and I just I remember that Lizzie Borden till I was an adult number
one number two I really had no idea until I met her on your live show one
night I know I’m insane you mean you didn’t skip rope – Lizzie Borden – good
no sadness I was depressed I got I guess sorry so Shawn if you had a paranormal
fan or something that you are you a fan of any paranormal anybody’s hmm I don’t know I can’t think of any
that’s it investigate any but I would say Lincoln Oh Lincoln because he is a
paranormal entity that shows up a lot of places he is a historical figure that we
really like I it might be in here Lincoln so Lincoln I thought it would be
you we haven’t really delved in the Kennedy stuff too much though but
Lincoln Kennedy that those are you know in like the Ben Franklin and founding
fathers industrialists Carnegie you know again we haven’t delved into those yet
on our channel but eventually we will that time period you know 1850 to 1910
whatever is is what’s of interest to me you know and Lizzy falls into that time
period tapes I know she does yeah I mean you you guys just stand a live show
about the wake and the Victorian wake over the weekend that was really that’s
really neat to see your pictures and things from that so oh yeah that’s those
things that if you have not seen that on their channel you should by the way
those suits are not cool they’re very warm but I love the Victorian era and I
love all the wake traditions and everything so I get really excited over
that so thank you were like we were born in the wrong time period I definitely I
definitely was born in the wrong time period that that could be um so I dunno
something that I’m interested in that maybe some of our viewers don’t know
about you guys and I figured this out a little while ago when we were talking in
your pair of peeps chat one day and by the way if you’re not involved in there
pair up use Facebook group the link is in the description you should come on
over and join us there it’s really fun now we have a good time but when we were
chatting in the pair of peeps Twitter group I realized that people
didn’t know anything about dark shadow ghost tours can you tell me a little bit
about that along with your haunted travels okay so for those who are not
into paranormal investigations okay not like Marianne and I do where we travel
and most of the times we go in a corner and do a quick investigation we’re
talking about renting a building doing the full scale investigation lights out
you’re the only one there and all that other stuff it’s quite expensive it is
very expensive some of these places could range anywhere from $200 to like
mansfield prisons like 2,200 yeah you know on a weekend so that adds up and
then you got travel expense and all that you know travel be you guys who travel
you know that but so we got to a point where we thought we got to figure out a
way to fund this we work for schools you know we’re not I’m not rich
yeah dependently wealthy we could just pick up wherever we won so we came up
with the idea of you know since we’re an education we’ll teach people how to do
paranormal investigations and we’ll take them to these places so if you know and
there was a couple others with us in the beginning and Marian’s sister was with
us and a couple so there was like okay there’s three or four and then we get
some other people to come and split that cost of renting those locations and then
part of it they would get a t-shirt and picture you know they won’t make it you
know make it a fun like an event so that was a creation of dark shadow Ghost
Tours so it got to a point where it’s like you know with everything that we do
it can’t just be simple must add extra things we took a bus of fifty people the
hill view once and we’re talking you know 55 passenger tour buses we took 50
people to Mansfield prison Zhora Billy or village you know different locations
that we were going to and then you know we’re in Northeast Ohio so it gets cold
yeah November December you know it starts getting chilly gets really cold
January February we’re not gonna go sit in a building that doesn’t have
electricity or heat it’s not happening I am a fair-weather just investigating
so it’s not okay in the winter once we don’t want to give up that momentum
those who are on YouTube know what I’m talking about you want to keep it going
keep it going keep it going and we got the idea again through a friend of ours
that was working they were actually coming they worked with it well one of
them works with us we met her husband and everything and they put on they a
family reunion and at the family reunion they have a murder mystery that is so
cool and she’s art teacher right so she makes
the costumes and the props and things like that so we were going to their
house for dinner and everything we’re talking her like what if we did that
like in a large setting you know where we can invite people like a wedding the
groom dies so you know we’re just brainstorming brainstorm and you know
and then it got to the point again we can’t do anything simple it got to the
point where we’re going murder mystery dinners every month 248 to 260 some
people the whole the way our dinners were as soon as you walk into the venue
you’re walking into the mystery so everything would be decorated decked out
everything like if he gave the wedding character it was a wedding reception
full-blown wedding reception we had a deejay we had the cake I still have the
cake flowers the tables were decorated the gifts the wedding gifts what’s that
when you couldn’t take them on travels there are were months we did the murder
mysteries and then that money would help fund the other things so that’s what
dark shadow Ghost Tours was very cool but then I got too big so we’re like oh
we’re gonna take a break yeah I get that I used to you know put on plays and
concerts and things as a fine arts director so I get it um I do have one
question left for you oh I forgot we’re gonna run out of time okay good
perfectly about travel so when thinking about traveling to your locations like
paranormal thing you know lots of old buildings right you would need to take
into account when you’re traveling to your locations like you went to some
locations in San Diego maybe not buildings and things but I know you
traveled to San Diego back in November and you happen to be there on another
thing but did you have to add add things to your trip like do extra because you
were traveling for the paranormal okay well well here’s how this works here’s
how we get to so many different places if we’re going to an area and maryann
being a biology teacher she gets to go once a year to somewhere around the
country okay okay so like this year we’re going to Chicago right okay so we
know where her conference is gonna be that’s where we’re staying then I start
looking within a permit like within walking distance within Ober within you
know taxi whatever within the area are there haunted locations that would get
hit because she’s in the conference during the day and then at night time
you’re on your own and most people do it paranormal things at nighttime so it
works out really well for Ghost Tours we look for you know any of that kind of
stuff and that’s how we get to so many different places or if there’s like an
event going on that we want to travel and go to we’ll try to tie in other
things that are in that area and that’s another purpose of the panic D database
there’s a map in there so eventually if somebody could go in pinpoint where
they’re going to go they can look around and see
little pins of different locations if they want to do something like we do and
go hit up those other locations well that’s really cool so my I guess my only
other thing then in addition to that is is your equipment like do you have to
like planned it like take an extra bag on a plane or all that you ship it we
have a travel bag that’s kind of like scaled-down version and then we have
cases if we do a full-blown investigation you know with DVRs and all
that other stuff we don’t travel with that you know we travel light with our
just certain equipment recorder k2 meter you know just certain things that could
shove in your pocket but we do make sure that we put that kind of stuff in our
carry-on if we’re gonna fly because you know you got to turn some of that stuff
on and explain things tsa and you know we actually have a we did a presentation
at a paranormal conference that talks about traveling and go stunning and on
and it’s like on our channel we like recorded it it’s like a two-part thing
and it talks about like you don’t want to take a temperature gun through TSA
hello you’re going in the back room you know so yeah there are certain ways to
do it okay well I appreciate you all being here and coming on to talk to me
about your haunted travels is there anything else you would like to share
with our audience before we the far times up today just that you know if
you’re here watching Happy Trails hiking you’re in the right spot this is an
awesome channel and Katie does an awesome job and I really look forward to
all the different topics and you know health things and travel things and it’s
it’s it’s awesome I’m glad we we got together and we met
well I’m very glad that our trails have crossed as well so uh stay tuned with me
just a second guys I’m gonna close out the show all right thank you all for
being here with us today and I hope you enjoyed getting know a little bit more
about Shawn and Miriam Donnelly from Panik deep paranormal history until next
time remember to go out and live the life you love guys you are not
replaceable thanks so much

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