Welcome to Ellen Byerrum’s Fashion Bites!

Welcome to Ellen Byerrum’s Fashion Bites!

Do you ever feel that the whole world is having a costume party? and You weren’t invited? Do you wonder why clothes are so frumpy and oversized, or so bandage-tight that you wouldn’t dream of wearing them? Do you have trouble parsing a style statement? Is it preppy, is it bohemian, is it preppy-meets-boho? Is it hipster? Is it hippy, is it steampunk, is it goth? Is it Eastern Standard Geek? Or do you just want to feel comfortable and wear attractive clothes and wonder why it’s so difficult? You are not alone. I understand. Welcome to my channel. I’m Ellen Byerrum and these are Fashion Bites, small bite-sized bits of advice about fashion and style. You may notice that I’m not tall, skinny, or young, so why am I talking about fashion? Everybody deserves to have fun with their clothes, to enjoy fashion. Everybody wears clothes, right? Therefore everybody is invited to this party. Also I am the author of the Crime of Fashion Mystery Series Featuring Lacey Smithsonian, a fashion reporter in Washington DC–The City that Fashion Forgot. Lacey solves crimes with fashion clues, and she just wants a little respect. But that’s pretty hard to do when the last fashion editor dropped dead in her chair, and nobody noticed until she was in full rigor mortis. Nevertheless, Lacey has persisted in chasing after some great stories. She has investigated a body dyed blue in a failing velvet factory in Virginia. She has discovered a link between a missing intern on Capitol Hill and a woman who disappeared during the 1940s in Washington DC. And, she has chased after a legendary diamond-filled corset of a Romanov princess Lacey has appeared in ten of the books, soon to be eleven, THE MASQUE OF THE RED DRESS, is coming soon. It will be up for pre-order, I promise, very shortly. Two of the books were filmed by the Lifetime Movie Network. Inside the books, in addition to comedy, mystery, romance, and fashion–there are fashion bites–actual fashion advice for real women. Advice such as: Life is Not a Dress Rehearsal. You’re the star, don’t dress like the understudy; Show a little respect–It’s a funeral not a cocktail party; and The Red Bra of Courage– Do you have one? A lot of readers have asked me for a book of Fashion Bites. I don’t know if that will happen anytime soon, but you never know. In the meantime, let’s have fun and talk about fashion and style, How to tell the difference. And remember, Fashion is Fleeting. Style is Forever. We might also talk about mystery and writing, if you have questions about that. I’ll be checking in weekly with fresh observations and maybe a trip to something special like a 1940’s Ball. If you want more information about me or my books, just check out my website at ellenbyerrum.com. I’m also on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. And I’ll be seeing you around.

9 thoughts on “Welcome to Ellen Byerrum’s Fashion Bites!

  1. I've been watching all of these, and they're such fun! I love that we get a mini-fashion show with each one, and your knowledge of period fashion is EPIC, especially the era of silver screen classics. There's one modern movie I can think of, that's set in the past, and was like a fashion show of your favorite era. I mean "Evita". I really don't like Madonna as a talent at all, but I could have kept myself amused watched the costuming all night long. Just gorgeous! It reminded me of the days of Edith Head. (Antonio was a lot more suave and debonaire than I imagined Juan Peron to be, but he looked like $1M).  I also like "Tea With Mussolini" for the fashion.

  2. I didn't realize you had videos until today….I know I will enjoy catching up and watching the ones already made and the ones coming out in 2018. A clever and enjoyable idea!

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