What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Full Day Of Eating

What I Eat In A Day | Healthy Full Day Of Eating

good morning everyone and welcome it to
another what I eat in a day I’m gonna be taking you along with me sharing you all
the deliciousness because I love food but it’s also going to be healthy and
healthy food can be delicious so you guys are probably gonna notice I’m a bit
more Tam than normal that’s because I was in a wedding over the weekend and I
got a spray tan so that I would like look nice as a bridesmaid so we I made
my lemon water this morning which is just squeeze of half a lemon pinch of
Himalayan salt and some warm water this is really good and hydrating for the
morning time especially because you’re dehydrated when you wake up so the lemon
helps to hydrate you as well as the pinch of Himalayan salt because it has
trace minerals in it it’s like natural electrolytes you neither the smallest
pinch but it makes a difference so I always have that to really help hydrate
and wake up my body also really great for digestion but now since I’m having a
studying morning I’m going to make some coffee and if you don’t know I’m
studying for my medical licensing exam which is in about three weeks so it is
getting to crunch time which means I need all the help I can get so we’re
gonna make some coffee with lion’s mane I find this really helps my focus my
memory my concentration it’s really my go-to for brain power I’ve been using it
for years and years so this is Alliance main coffee that you can get up to 25%
off plus an additional 15% with my link which is a deal that they got just for
you so huge thank you to four sig Matic for sponsoring this video this is such
an easy thing that I do in the morning because all you have to do is open the
packet and then you add a little bit of hot water and I have this wonderfully
delicious drink that is going to give you that boost but you’re not gonna get
jittery it’s gonna be good for your brain and like I said it’s super easy to
travel with I also like to bring these just in my purse so wherever I am I can
just get some hot water in the morning I add a little bit of MCT oil blend it up
with my hand frother and it’s super simple and easy honestly you can make it
in less than 30 seconds once the waters boil it’s so good so good by the way it
does not taste like mushrooms I feel that’s the question that I get a lot and
it doesn’t taste like mushrooms and I’m so happy that so many of you have been
enjoying before Socratic and they actually have an amazing offer for you
guys that’s exclusive to you so it’s like an offer that I was able to give to
you that no one else can give you and it’s on for the next 24 hours so this is
your chance to get some great coffee if it’s gonna help your brain power it’s
not gonna make you feel jittery it doesn’t even taste like mushrooms it
just tastes like delicious coffee and it’s good for your brain so I’m gonna
leave that link down below where you can get that special deal yeah I’m gonna
enjoy my coffee and get studying so it’s a couple hours later I’ve just been
studying I’m still in my PJs art because that’s real life sometimes I don’t
change when I’m studying but I’m getting kind of like hungry and I have a
SoulCycle class at 12:30 it’s 10:00 now there’s no way that I
could wait from like being hungry now to eating at 1:30 you’re like 2 o’clock so
I’m like a little smoothie just to kind of like give me some fuel tide me over
to them but it’s not anything like too heavy that I won’t be able to spend so
I’m just gonna make a quick little green smoothie so for my green smoothie is I
like to include a greens fact and fiber along with protein so those are the
things that I always look forward to include I’ve been using the new for
stigmatic superfood protein which I’ve been seeing so many people talk about so
I was really excited to get my hands on it because it has all these great things
in it it’s kind of like a multi in one because you got all these benefits plus
you got protein so I add that in there for my healthy fats I usually add nut
butter I love almond butter in it and it really helps to make the smoothie
satisfying so I add that in with my greens and my protein and then for fibre
I like to add in flax it’s great for balancing hormones and just adds fiber
and fiber helps keep you full so you definitely want fiber blend it up with
some almond milk and you have this wonderful delicious green smoothie full
of benefits and it’s a great way to get nutrients into your body first thing in
the morning and kind of like pack it with a bunch I’m back and all showered
from spin of course needs them like lunch I basically just eat when I’m
hungry so I don’t like have like lunch necessarily at 12:00 it’s kind of just
I’m hungry and I filmed somewhat some paleo bagels today which are like
everything bagels if you haven’t seen that video I will link it down below but
I’m gonna make like a breakfast sandwich with it with eggs and avocado it’s gonna
be delish so I’m slicing up the paleo bagel
that if you saw my video I made so I will link that down below these are so
easy to make and delicious they’re like seven ingredients and I also have a
everything bagel like DIY spice if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you pop
that into the toaster I’m also cooking up an egg and I always
get questions on the color of the yolk of my egg and that’s because it’s
pasture-raised so it has more vitamins more choline more vitamin D and all that
I’m adding some avocado onto the base of my toasted bagel because avocado makes
everything delicious and it’s actually so full of fiber it’s one of like the
high fiber foods and I feel like people don’t know that so avocado is high in
fiber once my egg is cooked I add that on top
I cooked it a little bit free so that what the oak doesn’t go everywhere when
I bite into it a couple leaves of lettuce and I have this wonderfully
delicious breakfast sandwich super satisfying and is made with real good
ingredients so it’s a little while later I just made some ginger shots which are
really easy to make at home if you follow me on instagram which you should
because I share all these kinds of like tips all I do is I blend ginger with
like a ginger root in my blender with a little bit of water maybe like 2 to 4
tablespoons and then I strain it through a nut milk bag you could also if you
don’t have a nut milk bag I just put it on a paper towel like sieve so that you
don’t get the chunks of ginger it just squeeze it out and you get all the juice
honestly it takes less than 30 seconds it’s super inexpensive and you can make
your own ginger shots at home so let’s go do a ginger shot it’s really great
for digestion ginger is great for like any kind of
pain or inflammation in your body so let’s go do that this is truly my kind
of shot Cheers see tastes so good so I want to show you guys what I’m having
for a little bit of an afternoon crunchy snack they are these cauliflower crisps
from hippie snacks I normally am NOT a ranch president Venise he’s really good
the first ingredient is cauliflower and then the rest of them are actually like
really good ingredients so they’re they’re great little like
and she snack alternative for when you want something like chips but you want
something that that’s made with a better ingredients and they’re also plant-based
and all that so yeah I would highly recommend these so it’s a little while
later I thought I would make dinner and getting kind of hungry and I’m gonna
make like a pad thai esque sauce but with veggies because I don’t
have noodles I couldn’t go out and buy veggie noodles but I’d rather just use
the veggies I have but instead of using the veggies like that I’m using you
could definitely put in noodles or butternut squash noodles or like those
sho tofu shiitake noodles Thai food is definitely one of my favorites when it
comes to cuisines so let’s go ahead and get cooking this is definitely one of my
favorite quick dinners to make so I take some Slav veggies like a cole slaw mix
but you could also take zoodles or noodles if you have it I really just
take whatever veggies I have and then for the pad thai sauce I use a combo of
coconut aminos which is a great alternative to soy sauce it’s made from
coconut and it’s gluten free a little bit of fish sauce along with some garlic
and then a tablespoon of almond butter the traditionally they use peanut butter
but I use almond butter because it’s a little bit better for you I’m gonna stir
that all together to get a nice smooth sauce I add in whatever leftover protein
I use so this is a great way if you kind of have leftover different proteins or
different veggies to kind of change it up and make it something different so i
saute that and then i add in my sauce when things are like heated through stir
that together just to warm it up again and have the sauce thicken a bit with
the meat and the veggies and honestly this came together super quickly less
than 10 minutes for sure and it’s a delicious way to get those veggies in
but still like feel like you’re eating something a little bit different and
then after dinner I’m having one of my cookie dough cups which are so good and
I will link those down below so that’s gonna be it from me today I do start
fasting usually around 7:00 and it’s just before 7:00 now I hope you guys
enjoyed this video don’t forget to check out the link for the four stick Matic
coffee it is so good and plus it gives you brain power which we all need some
more brain power so check out that link because you get an extra 15% off and
it’s a deal that’s like just for you guys so it’s pretty crazy
I’m really glad they were nice enough to give that to me for you guys and yeah I
you guys are all having a great day and I’ll see you in my next video bye guys

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  1. Enjoy this what I eat in a day! And don't forget to check out the coffee, I have drank it for years and it is so so good, the deal is only on for 24 hours! <3

  2. It looks really good and healthy 😍 i love these kind of videos of you, they give me new ideas

  3. Oooh I can't wait to make the pad thai!! I never purchase slaw mix, but am going to the next time I'm at the store, great idea!

  4. Omg making coffee with the hand frothed was such a great idea I didn’t even think it was possible! Thanks for the lovely hack xx

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