What is “Ouji Fashion”?

What is “Ouji Fashion”?

I don’t want to be rude in this video but I also don’t want to sugarcoat what Im saying or talk to you like you’re babies, becuase I know you’re not I know you’re not children well maybe some of you are children but I know that you’re not babies so Im gonnae just speak normally…. and I dunno… I don’t want to intentionally be rude but I also don’t wanna be deliberately really sugary? If that makes sense. So! What is Ouji Fashion? that is what we’re here to talk about because I have made several videos kind of about how I dress, but without really going into what it is. and depending on when this video goes up I have started making videos where I essentially dress up people in my clothes I’m doing “Ouji Fashion Makeovers” And that’s gonna be a long series, hopefully. Potentially, y’know there’s quite a few people in the works right now, and a few more interested so HOPEFULLY it’ll be a long series so I thought the time was good for me to finally make a video about what Ouji Fashion actually is! so let’s do that! Let’s start with the actual word that I’m saying Ouji Fashion is… well “Ouji” is a japanese word it is litterally japanese for Prince well, it’s literally Child King so, Prince! So it’s Prince Fashion, and it’s a japanese word becuase it’s a japanese fashion. Ouji is the male counterpart to Lolita Fashion which you may have heard of, you might not we’ll get more into that in a second when I say “it’s the male counterpart” I DON’T mean that “men wear ouji” and “women wear lolita” that’s not how we roll around here, and I think most of you watching this will already be well aware that’s just not how we roll what I mean by that, is that Ouji Fashion is inspired by historical menswear in the same way that Lolita Fashion is inspired by Historical womenswear so… Ouji is inspired by mens clothes Lolita is inspired by womens clothes and in that way, it is the male counterpart to lolita fashion but obviously, people of all genders wear both fashions and Im not gonnae argue about that point okay? now, if you are watching this and you have never heard of lolita fashion, and you are about to run off into the comments to scream at me about the name of lolita fashion hold your horses. take a step back. breathe! I didn’t name it The whole western community didn’t name it We are so well aware. We know, trust me, WE KNOW We know and we’ve heard it and there are so many other videos on lolita fashion like, if you’re just now hearing of it and you’re interested and wanna know more there are so many other videos by other youtubers and there’s blog posts by competent bloggers about lolita fashion in particular, I’m not gonnae go into that here because that is a resource that is… thats a resource? No! That is a topic that there’s so much resources for. I’ll link to some other videos and such in the description of this one So if you really are completely new to lolita fashion don’t worry, I’ve got your back on that too! but this video right now, is about Ouji Fashion In exactly the same way that you get different substyles of lolita you get the exact same sub-styles of Ouji you get gothic lolita, you get gothic ouji you get classic lolita, you get classic ouji you get sweet lolita, you get sweet ouji you get sailor lolita, you get sailor ouji! you get Guro Lolita you get Guro Ouji! and so on and so on! you see what I mean? although this is actually quite a recent thing for a long time, you got all these different substyles of lolita, and there was really only gothic ouji for ages! I remember.. maybe… well more than 10 years ago now, wondering could you do sweet ouji? was that possible? Then I did some drawing, some really bad drawings I dont know if I’ll show them to you, if I’m feeling brave I will and started trying to do different styles of ouji and I guess there was other people doing that too, but it wasn’t very popular but it’s…. it’s gained popularity, obviously at the same time as Lolita, because… Lolita’s become huge now.. well not huge it’s not mainstream, but it is much much more popular now, than I ever expected it could be and ouji has always been right there with it, but like.. a little bit less but I think it’s become popular at the same rate it’s kinda cool! It’s really good. and I’m hoping that by making this video, and by making my Ouji Makeovers that maybe it’ll get more popular maybe some of you out there will watch this, and want to do it too and then you can be one of us! anyway! what was I saying? So! okay… one of the big things in lolita fahsion is that there is a certain sillouette, or sort of.. shape that defines the fashion and there’s certain pieces that you have to have, like the headwear, the blouse, then your dress or skirt, and so on it’s all layered, and no matter what substyle you’re wearing these layers are the same and the exact same thing is true for Ouji Fashion a “proper” outfit, or an outfit that would be recognised as ouji fashion will typically have some sort of headwear so, a hat the most typical type of hat would be a top hat then y’know, your shirt or blouse waistcoat shorts or trousers then your shoes and such and everything else from there is accessories exactly the same as lolita you can almost wear the exact same clothes just swapping out the skirt for shorts or trousers and back again, if you want to do a more girly cute style the clothes are also made by a lot of the same brands as lolita fashion pretty much anywhere that makes or sells Lolita clothing, will also make or sell ouji fashion stuff they just wont always call it that a lot of the time it’ll just be that “pants” or shorts or trousers or whatever they happen to be calling the bottom half will be in with Skirts, or it’ll be in it’s own separate category and then the top halves, the socks and the hats and everything else is kind of interchangeable but by and large, anywhere that does lolita fashion, will also do ouji fashion it’s kind of always right there at the same time, and in the same place I am sorry that this video is kind of mentioning lolita fashion a lot if you already know what that is then I’m sure you’re fine with it but if you really don’t, then dont worry? I mean, you’re only getting one side of the coin here but there’s so many other resources about lolita fashion that you can get the whole picture as soon as you’re done watching this video! I don’t have much else to say, becuase there isn’t really much else to it yet! I suppose? there are some other subjects I want to cover but I will cover them in other videos I’m gonnae make a whole other video on “where to buy ouji fashion” specifically I have made videos before about my wardrobe, and where I personally shop and where I personally have bought the clothes that I am wearing but I’m gonna make a more generic one about Ouji Fashion and Where to Buy It and all of that good stuff so.. subscribe.. if you wanna ..keep an eye out for that video I’m also gonna do a Q+A type video or a FAQ? A “frequently asked questions” and also answering your questions.. video? that’ll be a whole separate thing so if you have questions for me, about this then leave them in a comment and I will answer them in the Q+A video what else? I don’t really know what else to say So I guess, if there’s anything anything really obvious that you think I’ve missed leave it in a comment, lemme know and I will cover it in the Q+A video whaddyou think Silver? have I missed anything? what do you think? she doesn’t think anything don’t forget to subscribe! support me on patreon as well! you can pledge just one dollar a month! and I use that one dollar a month to feed peanut butter to Silver so if you think she deserves some peanut butter, go to patreon! and give me one single dollar okay? Thank you! Bye!!

13 thoughts on “What is “Ouji Fashion”?

  1. thanks for making these resources Lou! I've always liked the idea of wearing Ouji but I've always had trouble finding information about it.

  2. This was very informative, thank you for making this!
    Also, can't wait for the "where to buy" type video!! I've been wanting to try out ouji but when I go looking for it I can never find things that I like T-T

  3. Another wonderful video, Lou. You never fail to provide delightfully informative and enjoyable to watch.
    I have been following Ouji fashion for many years now but never really had the courage (or the resources) to fully explore it myself.
    In terms or questions, I would be curious if you had any tips or resources for both larger size people and people with large busts (even with a binder on my chest is still quite prominent).

  4. I keep staring at your cup. Omg, please don’t have liquids in open containers around your beautiful clothes! It’s freaking me out!

  5. I guess the one question I'd have would be what types of headwear other than hats you'd recommend for oujis. If any 😛

  6. You are such a good teacher 🙂 This was splendid. I think I am starting to understand it now. I am going to enjoy this series as well, I am sort of floundering as I just started exploring this area of fashion. My biggest problems I think are going to be I am large (US 24/26 size dress) and I have a fairly small budget. Any tips on how to work with those issues would be greatly appreciated.

  7. I've been honestly following your channel for a while now, and honestly, I absolutely love it! ❤️ Ouji fashion has interested me for some time now, and I come to your channel for fashion inspo 👌

  8. I appreciate this SO MUCH, i've noticed that there's barely any accessible ouji resources out there (like, there's buttcape's blog posts, attitude lolita's video on the topic, some posts here and there, and that's it) so any ouji content is appreciated. I am just starting in lolita, but I really want to try out ouji too.
    as for questions, i am wondering if you have any experience with buying ouji items on taobao, and if there are any shops you'd recommend or have heard about.
    Thank you!

  9. I was going to say something about tumblr getting ouji mixed up with ouija boards but it turns out I was spelling it wrong (ouiji) the entire time. Oops. 😂

  10. Literally been thinking about stuff you could put in a video since you put this up but Im wondering about accessories! You see a lot of bows/bow ties but I'm wondering at what other accessories you might have?

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