Hey my YouTube family.
It’s ya girl Lia back again with another video. And today’s video as you can see
from the title is just a quick what is Lia LaVon. What is my channel about type
of a video? Now to new subscribers this is very helpful to you. For existing
subscribers this is also very helpful to you so you understand how I upload and
things. Because sometime my crochet hair subscribers love my crochet
hair videos and I love you guys for that but sometimes when I put up multiple
like fashion or beauty or even wig reviews you guys be like so what’s going
on? Where’s the crochet hair thing? Y’all be
like well I love this and I love your makeup no shade but where is the crochet hair thing. And I was like I need to make a video to address what my niches are
how I upload and when I upload things. Now my crochet hair reviews. You guys
know I get at least two crochet hair related videos up a month or I at least
I try to. Now I could of course get so many more crochet hair reviews and
videos up if I made crochet wigs or if I put a wig hair on, reviewed it for a
week, and then came back took that hair out and kept doing that but for you guys I
love to do my videos in the format that I do it. I try to wear the hair out like
a normal person would on their head for several weeks and that’s how I like to
deliver it and I hope you guys enjoy the way I deliver my crochet hair
reviews as well. And in delivering my content in that way that means that I
can only put out a crochet hair review every time that I review a hair and take
a hair out so whether it be six weeks seven weeks I try to get at least one
video up so I have at least two videos on standby that I can upload but I don’t
want to upload them too quickly. But then I have nothing for like November and
December in terms of uploading. So that’s how they work. I try to get at least once
every two weeks I’ll have a crochet hair related video. Whether it’s a review
whether it’s the maintenance whether it’s washing whatever it may be. I want
to try at least to get 2 up a month and those will go up on Monday. Now I also
want to have my wig reviews and that’s always gonna go up on Wednesday. Now
Beauty people I have not forgot about you guys. I held back on foundation
reviews just because throughout the summer I wasn’t doing or wasn’t wearing
foundation to work like that so I couldn’t do my reviews at the end of the
week but I a now back to wearing my beat face and I’m doing my foundation
reviews on Fridays or any other makeup related. So whether it’s a get
ready with me like I filmed this look right now that you’re seeing and I will
have that video up as well as any other makeup related videos they will go up on
Friday. And they will be in my beauty genre so those are my big three. My wig
reviews, my beauty,and then also my crochet hair. Now I also want to add
fashion in so I have my try-on hauls. You guys have expressed that you guys have
liked those so far so I’m going to keep doing those. Not often because those
aren’t sponsored videos no no no no. I buy everything clothes related
crochet hair related with my own money. So of course I won’t do a fashion review
every single freaking week. I’ll try to get some kind of fashion try on haul
type of a video up at least once or twice a month.
Now another niche that I want to get into and you guys sound off down below
if that’s something you’re interested in seeing on snapchat I unraveled my hair
or I was washing my hair before I was putting in my straight hair crochet hair
and a lot of you guys on snapchat were like why don’t you ever do any natural
styles. Like I hate that I only see your real hair on snapchat or Instagram I
really want to see your real hair out. So I was like maybe I should throw in in
between my crochet hairstyles instead of just doing wigs I could also do a
natural hairstyle. So I’m going to start doing whether it be a wash and go, a flat
twist out, or any kind of other protective stylings other than crochet
hair and wigs I’m gonna try to throw that in there too and get one of those videos
out a month to you guys. And then my 6th genre or is just any small youtuber
anybody who’s trying to get into this world type video. I’ll try to do at least
one of those a quarter as well. So I want to have a body of work that can really
satisfy everybody who watches me. But my crochet hair subscribers you guys are
always gonna be my number ones. I always have a special place in my heart for
that you guys are the bulk of my subscribers but then I also love my
beauty subscribers. I feel like I left you guys out I gained like a hundred
subscribers for my Fenty review and I’m so happy for them but then I was like I’m
doing them dirty because in the last month I haven’t done anything
beauty related and they’re probably like what’s going on here girl.
So those are really the six genres that will you will see on my video. I’m
never gonna stop doing my crochet hair things. I’m never gonna stop doing
my foundation reviews unless I run out of foundations. The wig reviews will
always come in here or there. I want to do my fashion stuff. I want to do my
natural hair stuff and I want to do my advice because sometimes you guys always
ask me for advice and I always want to be open to all
guys and suggestions. But if there’s anything else you want to see from the
Lia LaVon channel leave it down below. I want to incorporate everything that you
want to see my videos are for you guys. If there’s any wigs you want to see me try
leave that down below. Any crochet hairs that you’ve been dying to see me try
leave them down below. Any fashion retailers you want to see if I could
spend less than $100 at that place leave that down below. Anything you guys want
to see from Lia Lavon. I’m here to deliver to you guys. You guys watch me I’m not gonna
make videos that you guys are gonna be like and No. So yes that is the video
make sure you’re following me on instagram at lialavon89. Make
sure you’re following me on snapchat at misstalia89. And give this video a big
thumbs up. Thank you guys so much for watching! Bye!


  1. I like the fact that u actually wear the crochet for a while b4 u review it…it helps alot… I would love to watch a natural hair video.. maybe how u care for it b4 and after crochet style..tfs

  2. Thank you very much for the update. I first found you by Crochet, so I'm very glad you gave us the low down. Loyal fan foreve!!

  3. I love the way you wear ur hair so long you have saved me from making big mistakes and have helped pick some great hair amd colors. ALSO GREAT WIGS

  4. Lia you're awesome…your reviews really help me out a lot whether it's crochet or wigs to make up. Please keep sharing All Views with us. I know I'm not just speaking for myself but they are helpful to everyone!!!!

  5. I love your style and that you're unapologetically you! You do a great, entertaining job on all your videos regardless of topic.

  6. I love how you affectionately call out your viewers in the video lol. In my opinion I absolutely love how you do your crochet hair reviews and don't need to change the format at all. Most of us are not hair gurus and don't got the time nor money to be switching up hair that often. So I really appreciate how long you wear the crochet hair in and your very detailed and informative initial, mid-wear, and then end of wear reviews. Also, as someone who is an avid crochet hair lover, I never considered wigs but now you got me into those too! kudos girl! I like the variety of your channel – do what you want 🙂
    P.S. I would low key LOVE to see you do a playthrough of that new natural hair game by Momo Pixel – Hair Nah

  7. Keep up the good work Lia! It takes time energy and coins to do what you are doing and you are so appreciated!!! Happy birthday fellow Sag and I love your candidness and how unapologetic you are to just be YOU!!!

  8. Love you Lia keep doing you and don't let these impatient always complaining people stop you from doing your thang. ❤️

  9. My subs don’t like when I vlog lol but I still do it here and there cus I love it. Looking forward to the natural hair vids. I’ll be honest. I’m subbed to you because of you. I enjoy listening to you talk about everything. Event though I pretty much don’t wear makeup or hair, you are engaging, professional, and come across as a good person.

  10. Sure throw in the natural hair video too! Girl, I asked about that before.  Any updates with your weight gain journey?  Thats good you won't stop your niches!  Yes, it is  best that you keep doing what you love!  Thank you for always being authentic! Thumbs up  #70 here

  11. Yesss for the natural hair videos! This is a great explanation of your channel Lia! I think you inspired me to a video of my own like this.

  12. I enjoy watching your videos! And I would love to see more advice videos from you. You're relatable, you keep it real, and you have a personality that engages viewers. So I think you would do well with an "Ask Lia" section that covers questions about all different aspects of life.

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