Women Style Fanny Packs For A Day

Women Style Fanny Packs For A Day

– [Woman] It’s a cat, be sexy. (techno music) – Today we’re gonna be
styling fanny packs. I want to try this out for a day and invite my friends Chloe and Jazz to try it along with me and see if we love it or we’re like this is just a dying trend. – I personally love fanny packs. I’ve loved them for a while. I know they’re super in-trend right now. – I’ve seen celebrities like
Kendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, all these influencers wear these fannies. – Is she gonna keep saying
the word fanny at me? And that’s kind of disturbing to me because in England fanny means vagina. – First of all, they’re so useful! Like you don’t have to carry a purse. It’s so nice. – For my fanny pack, I’m
going for a more sporty look. – I chose a cat fanny
pack like a 12-year-old. – I’ve been seeing a lot of people wear this type of fanny pack
and they’re a little bit more, I don’t want to say classier than me, but I feel like they’re
more refined than me. – I’m nervous and
excited so let’s do this. – Today is our fanny pack day and I’ve decided to change up my style a little bit since I like to show off my curves. I am going to put my fanny
pack in place of a belt. – I kinda have an idea of what I want because this is so like girly and cutesie, I kinda want something a little
less girly to go with it. Look, a cat. Yes, I could wear that and
just have a cat on the cat. Alright, this is the finished look. Classy, childish, charmish. – I’m going for more
of a Sporty Spice look. I think this is how the teens wear it. (techno music) – Put my glasses in there. Lipstick. – I just need my fanny
to be a little bit bigger so I could hide my stash
of Hot Cheetos in there. – So I’ve had the fanny
pack on for a couple hours and I was originally kind of nervous ’cause it is different
from what I usually wear. But, I’ve had a lot of
very positive responses! – It’s literally you as a fanny pack. – Yeah, it’s you as a fanny pack. – It’s you. It’s like cute. – What do you have in your fanny pack? – Yeah.
– I want to put little things. I have all the essentials. – It’s enough whimsy for an adult woman. You know what I mean? – I think it’s a nice little pop. – It’s not as uncomfortable
as I thought it would be, but definitely going to the bathroom, I have to strap my fanny pack off. – I think that with everything, you just gotta rock it with confidence. – So true. – And then just show all your
haters why you’re repping it. – Show ’em my haters. – If the 90’s is gonna come back, I think you have the
power to bring it back. – I’m really into this fanny pack revival. – This one to me I’ve been
seeing a lot of people wear them. Like this is a belt, legit. With a fanny pack on it
and it’s so fashionable, but I don’t think this is my realm, and that’s why I picked
it because it’s different, it’s a different style for me. – Yeah, I feel like this
is a little bit more retro. – I love this. This is an outfit I would wear. Wait, is this mine now? – [Jazz] Yes! – Did I steal it? Bye! – [Jazz] It’s cute. Oh my gosh, that brought your outfit up to a whole new level. – How are we doing with our fannies? – Great, loving it. – [Shila] I felt like we were
the fanny pack girls today. – Yeah it’s weird because I
feel like I don’t see a lot of people around the office
wearing accessories like this. – I’m kind of like really
used to the feeling of it now ’cause at first I was like what is this weird thing around my waist. – [Jazz] Yeah. – [Chloe] But now I’m just like
“Yeah, this is part of me”. – [Shila] I felt cool
wearing it and I was like, “You know what, I’m into this now!” – [Jazz] I agree, I think I’m definitely gonna wear this again. – [Shila] Fanny approved? – Fanny approved! – Bumbag approved! – Yes! (techno music)

100 thoughts on “Women Style Fanny Packs For A Day

  1. We have been rocking Fanny packs, bike shorts and LA Gears circa B.C. Celebrity “influencers” of this generation #80’sbaby

  2. Chloe said fanny (in england) is vagina so if ppl from england read this 1:04 from the video its saying " LET'S VAGINA!"

  3. as an australian the phrase "i need my fanny to be bigger so i can put hot cheetos in there" brings up some horrific mental imagery

  4. I think the 2017 movie IT also helped in bringing them back mainstream. After seeing Eddie Kaspbrak wear it the whole movie when I see a fannypack I automatically think of IT.

  5. Yeah here in ireland fanny means vagina and when she said “i just need my fanny to be a little bit bigger” i actually died

  6. This is a 90's item,but the 2018 fanny packs are cute as ever😍way different style patterns then back in the day…can't even compare the 2. It's like retro vs fancy😂

  7. It's crazy to think that in the 1700's women wore purses on belts around their waist for convenience and that transformed into 80s/90s fanny packs (thought to be dorky) which are now making a comback in 2018 for their concenience


  8. Is Shila new or has she been here for a while?? (She is really pretty and I haven't seen her in any videos except this one!)

  9. I think both America and England need to change the names of their fanny/bum bags…
    I'm not from America nor England but both names are awkward for me….. I think fanny is worse though!

  10. Shila reminds me of Demi lovato idk why though also all of them are very confident loving strong and beautiful women!!

  11. To be honest my parents have been wearing fanny packs for so long and been getting so many weord looks and suddenly they are on trend💩💩

  12. my little sister bought one today and my other sister told her it was old fashioned, gotta show both of them this video, thanks!!

  13. "I just need my fanny to be a little bit bigger, so I can stash some Cheetos in there"

  14. it's more weirder for me because i was called fanny (pronounced as "funny" tho) by my parents. to think it means vagina in other language…

  15. What jazz needs:
    1. Lip stick
    2. Barrett
    3. Confidence
    4. Colour
    5. Pattern
    6. Selfies

    I hope I get every thing 😝

  16. In Britain we wear a tracksuits and a “pouch” we dont say fanny beacuse it sounds like a vagina so we call it pouch

  17. These people talking like fanny packs are taboo, and on the other side of the screen, I wear nothing but fanny packs, but I'm a Nike and Adidas kind of girl 😉 I would NEVER carry a purse, even on the very rare, I think you say it, accessions?, where I wore heels, weddings and stuff, I've had my Nike or Adidas fanny with me 😁

  18. In South Africa since the 80’s, we have called them moonbags, which I think was an actual brand, but it was also the classic shape.

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